International Conference of Young Scientists 2012

Team leaders

Paul Pshenichka

Paul Pshenichka FinstP
MS, Physicist
Physics and astronomy teacher
Youth Scientific Society "QUASAR", President

Nataliia Polikhun

Ph.D, Physics teacher, head of the department of giftedness support and international cooperation of the Institute of Gifted Child of Ukraine

Nataliya Kazachkova

I have participated at ICYS since 1998. It is one of the best Conferences which has been bringing up the real researchers and promoting science among young generation. I will be glad to meet good friends of mine again and their hard-working and talented students I am sure that ICYS-2012 will become their first steps on the way of being future scientist.

Olesia Chernokur

Head of International Cooperation Center of Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Lidiya Zakharuk

Presentation: Cadmium Manganese Telluride Crystals as a Material for Optical Isolators

I'm studying at the Lyceum, 9th grade, specialised in Physics, Math and Computer Science.I like to investigate something new and unusual.I enjoy taking part in Competitions and Conferences. My hobbies are swimming and drawing.I’m addicted to play computer games and read science fiction books. I love foreign cultures, especially Asian. Some month ago I started to learn Japanese language.

Oleksandr Antonov

Presentation: Development of the ecological electric battery

I'm Alex! I want to be a researcher. I'm going to be a university student. I'm interested in physics. Also I go in for sports: tennis, swimming. I like to communicate with people.

Yuriy Zakharyan

Presentation: Research Varignon’s theorem, generalization Wittenbauer’s and Varignon’s theorems, development of them

My name is Yuriy. I’m seventeen. I’m from sunny Yevpatoria. I study in high school of physics and mathematics now. I want to study in faculty of neurosurgery and neuroscience or in institute for applied systems analysis

Anna Kocherova

Presentation: Investigation of caffeine sources in surface waters in urban areas (on a base of Kharkiv city example)

Hello!I'm Anna Kocherova!I'm 16 years old.I'm from Ukraine,Kharkov.I'm very communicative and friendly.I'm interested in biology.I enjoy learning foreign languages,listening to music and reading interesting books)
My motto is:"Success doesn't come to go to it!"

Kulikova Kateryna Sergeevna

Presentation: Investigation of caffeine sources in surface waters in urban areas (on a base of Kharkiv city example)

My name is Kateryna!I'm 15 years old!I'm interested in biology and also I'm interested in photography.I'm sociable and responsible)
My device is:"If you want to be somebody, somebody really special,be yourself!"

Olena Svietlova

Presentation: Application of digital image processing in medicine

I'm an 11'th grade student of Zaporizhian Technical Lyceum. I'm interested in studying Math, Physics and Computer Science. I also take
part in other different competitions, such as contest of Junior Academy of Sciences. This year I will finish school and I plan to study Math at the University.

Mykhaylo Rimel

Presentation: Virtual screening of biological activity of derivatives of 3,4-dihydroisocoumarin

My name is Michael, I'm 15 years old.
I study in School 45, Lviv. I'm interested
in chemistry and computer science.
I'm finishing school this year and going to study
chemistry at university.

Levkovskyi Borys

Presentation: Hurricane Fighting Devices

Winner of town and regional olympiades in Math, English, and Computer science(programming), among the winners of town and regional olympiades in Physics and History. Winner of the state and among the winners of regional scientific-research works competition “Small Academy of Sciences” in Math and Computer science. Third place in the Ukrainian competition in math “Competition of young mathematitians” as a member of lyceum team. Speak German (Goethe Zertifikat für Erwachsene B2 — 71,5 points) and English flu ently.One of the winners of the porularity rating “The Star of Rivne”. I can write programs using Delphi та and create web-pages using HTML with elements of Javascriрt. Fond pf programming, training in the gym, swimming, reading of historical novels

Maksim Holovko

Presentation: Experimental Researches of Dependence of Friction Coefficient on Temperature

The pupil 10 class. I am fond of mathematics and physics

Halyna Borsuk

Presentation: Toxicity evaluation of oil polluted soils by sensitive test reactions of fitoremediants

My name is Halyna. I'm 17 years old!
I am an 11th grade student of Lviv school 78.
I'm interested in biology and chemistry.
My hobby is dancing . I like to travel.
I love getting new friends, specially with different cultures.

Anastasiya Bogdanyuk

Presentation: Сoncentraion of photosynthetic pygments in cybride transplatomic plants Lesquerella fendleriхBrassica napus and their parent forms

My name is Nastia! I’m 16 years old. I’m interested in biology and design clothes. I enjoy cooking (especially Italian dishes). I’m communicative, purposeful and joyful.

Stanislav Hetalo

Presentation: Numerical constructions. The sum of cubes and squares

My name is Stanislav. I am seventeenth. I am an 11th grade student of Sumy specialized school 10. I am interested in math. I enjoy playing football, volleyball and other sport games. I also like fishing.