International Conference of Young Scientists 2012

Team leaders

Chia Chang Hsieh

I am a biology teacher and in charge of all the international affairs for my school.


Cheng Hsiang Hsu

Presentation: Rising Bubble

Hey guys, what's up!! You can call me Jason, and I love to travel around! I play both the clarinet and the piano and I also paint and sketch. Music is my life, I love Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Frank Sinatra. Physics is my favorite subject, and I'm looking forward to participating in this science conference. See you guys at conference!!!

Yung-Yu Chen

Presentation: Frustrating Golf Ball

大家好(da chia how)!It's the meaning of "Hello,every body!" in Chinese. I'm Denny, 2012 is my 17th year to be in this fascinating world! Playing the classical guitar is my hobby, party rock music also attracts me a lot. As for my leisure time, I usually reading and watching movies. By the way, "Money ball" is what I recommend to you guys recently. I'd like to major in Electrical Engineering in the future, and I like Physics and Mathematics. Well, can't wait to make friends with all of the distinguished scientists in ICYS!!

Chen Yi-Jou

Presentation: Adhesion Strength of Butterfly Pupae

Hello, I'm Joe from Kaoshuing Municipal Kaohsiung Senior High school. I'm 17 in grade elenventh. Teachers always say I am a big boy!I love playing sports, especially badminton. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music and playing the violin. My favorite subject is Biology. Hope I can make new friends at ICYS 2012!