International Conference of Young Scientists 2012

Team leaders

Sergey Sergeev

I work in Physics faculty of Moscow State University (MSU), acoustics dept. My science interests are: ocean acoustic tomography, left-handed media, medical physics. I also teach physics in school of MSU where we pick up gifted boys and girls from west part of Russia.
When I have free time I prefer to travel in forests (on weekends) or in wild parts of Russia (mountains, canoe).

Egor Kotelnikov

I'm a student of the Faculty of Physics of the MSU, Moscow. I am a patricipant of ICYS 2010 and 2011. In my spare time I help scholarships make their projects.

Valentin Lobyshev


Alexey Gusev

Presentation: Biometrical Voice Authentication System for Computer Networks

I'm a student of Moscow State University school and I have participated in ICYS 2011. I enjoy IT and rock music. I'm looking forward to sharing my ideas and getting new friends!

Alisa Dorofeeva

Presentation: Impact crater formation mechanism

My name is Alisa. I enjoy studying at school and taking part in competitions. I like Sciences, especially Physics. My favourite spare time activities are swimming and painting.

Stepan Balybin

Presentation: Thermal Aerial Vehicle

I am a student of school at Moscow State University. My favorite school subject is physics. Also, I like to take part in conferences and engage in scientific activities. Last year, I was fond of modeling polyhedra. I love to watch movies and listen to rock music. I look forward to ICYS, expect new acquaintances with interesting people!

Natalia Tepliakova

Presentation: The chain trick

I am a student of Advanced Education and Science Center of Moscow State University. My favourite school subject is physics. My hooby is swimming.Besides, I like to listen to music. I'm looking forward to visiting the Netherlands and meeting new people from different countries.

Ivan Pankov

Presentation: Profilometer for investigation of the liquid curved surface

I am a student of Advanced Educational and Science Center of Moscow State University. I like listen to the music and play the guitar. I like sport. I look forward to the conference.