International Conference of Young Scientists 2012

Team leaders

Urszula Klara Woźnikowska-Bezak

Urszula Woznikowska - Bezak phisycs teacher, author of Creative Group Quark - group for talented youth. Every participant from Poland on ICYS is a member of this group. Urszula Woźnikowska-Bezak is:
- prezes association Science in the Future
- Head of committee on promotion and popularization of the Main Board of the Polish Physical Society National Competition
- author of physics and ecology
- two-time president of the local committees International Conference of young scientists in Katowice and organized International Conference of young scientist in PSZCZYNA
- local committee Chairwoman nationwide International young physicists Competition
- member of the Board of the International Committee Conference of young scientists

Jakub Dominik Polewka

Hey everyone!
I'm Jakub and I'm 20 years old. I was participant in ICYS (3 times) and last year I was one of the teamleaders. I got silver and gold medal in physics.
Right now I'm studying power engineering at Warsaw Technical University.
I'm interested in photography, travelling, astronomy and physics.
See you soon!


Łukasz Wiktor Perenc

Presentation: Getting out beads

Hello everybody!
My name is Łukasz and I'm 17 years old.
I'm interested in physics, cycling and playing tennis.
I love listening to rock music.
Playing guitar is also one of my favourite hobbies.
It will be my first time participating in ICYS,
but i'm sure it will be great!

Paweł Karol Promny

Presentation: Magnetocaloric Effect

My name is Paweł Promny and I`m 17.
I am a member of Creative Group QUARK.
I am interested in physics.
Also I like ride a bike and solving the Rubik`s cubes.
I participated in ICYS 2011.

Tomasz Piotr Tokarski

Presentation: Balloon - a reservoir of energy

Hi, I'm Tomek and I'm 18 years old.
I'm interested in physics, however I've got far more hobbies.
I'm really keen on unicycling and solving Rubik's Cubes.
Last year I participated in ICYS and I hope this time it'll also be great!

Eliza Ewa Basińska

Presentation: Sand jets

Hi, I'm Eliza. I spend my free time making my own jewelry. I also play the piano, table-tennis and chess. I have already been to ICYS before. I won a bronze medal. I hope, that my visit in Holland will be as unforgettable as my visit in Russia the year before. See you all in Nijmingen :)

Mariusz Karol Nowak

Presentation: Solitons

My name is Mariusz Karol Nowak. I was born in 1995. Physics, technology and ancient history are among many domains which I am interested in. I was participating ICYS in Moscow, it was an interesting experience. During my investigation of singing bowls, I have found a nonlinear wave propagating perpendicular to its radius. It inspired me to make a research on solitons.

Filip Teodor Maśka

Presentation: An hourglass in the space

Hi! My name is Filip Maśka and I'm 18 years old. I'm interested in physics and technology. I'm a member of Creative Group QUARK. I participated in ICYS 2011. See you soon

Katarzyna Aleksandra Trzaska

Presentation: Examination of compound pendulum’s period

Hello, my name is Katarzyna and I am from Poland. I attend to High School in small city called Kwidzyn. I'm training table tennis for 9 years and I think this is my personally passion. Of course I still participate in various competitions, and my own and the biggest achievement is 1st place in the Pomerania’s province. Beside tennis I am also interesting about drawing and exact sciences.

Agnieszka Jadwiga Seweryn

Presentation: Peltier Mini Refrigerator

My name is Agnieszka and I'm turning 18 this year. My biggest love is Math and that's what I want to do in the future. I have been awarded in International Math Competition "Kangaroo" five times and many times in Polish Math Competitions. I was fifth in Polish Physic Competition "Multitest". I write poems which are awarded in local Competitions. Since
three years I have been doing charity work, mostly for poor kids. I am interested in music and able to play the piano and sing.


Maciej Kolwas

Maciej Kolwas Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor of physics, Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences,
Warsaw, Poland.
Scientific interest: laser spectroscopy. laser optics, quantum optics, physics of light and scattering of light
- photography
- learned societies (president of Polish Physical Society 2001-2005 and president and v-
president of the European Physical Society 2008-2011).
- Student’s competitions jury member – ICYS , IYPT, Science on stage, First step to Nobel Prize