International Conference of Young Scientists 2012

Local Organizing Comittee

Jan Marijnissen

My name is Jan Marijnissen and this is my twelfth ICYS. My first ICYS was in 2001 in Poland. In 2004 I was president of the Local Organizing Committee. So this is the second time I am responsible for getting the ICYS to the Netherlands. And to make it complete this is the third time the ICYS comes to Radboud University Nijmegen. I studied Biology and Physics. I obtained my doctorate investigating the identification of the wild Dutch flora by high school students. Organizing the ICYS is a tremendous task, but all the enthusiasm of the students and team leaders makes it worthwhile. This is reflected in the enthusiasm of our guides. Most of our guides traveled with us to an ICYS. Being a participant in the past was such a special event in their life, they immediately said yes when we asked them help us with the ICYS 2012. I wish everybody a fantastic week in the Netherlands. We have the conviction we have created a great program for you. Next to the science competition you will be able to take part in sports, a science quiz, a bowling tournament, a GPS quest with funny science challenges and go swimming in a subtropical swimming paradise. You will visit the most famous zoo and the biggest amusement park in the Netherlands. And to top it off, six Dutch universities work together in presenting spectacular DNA laboratorial experiments you will be able to take part in yourself. Make the most of your week in the Netherlands and enjoy yourself.

Sjef van Groningen

In 2000 I organized the International Conference of Young Scienctists for the first time in the Netherlands as the chairman of the Local Organizing Comittee. From that time I participated in every ICYS as team leader or jury member.

The ICYS gives young people the opportunity to show their enthousiasm for a bèta subject and measure themselves against others. Next to that the international meeting of other youngsters is a valueable secondary goal.

I have immediately made room in my busy schedule when I heard that the Netherlands would be the host again for the ICYS in 2012. I look forward to the interesting presentations, to meeting youngsters from different countries and to the reunion of team leaders.

Welcome in the Netherlands, welcome to Nijmegen, a great ICYS 2012.

Emiel de Kleijn

Emiel de Kleijn studied chemistry at the Radboud University Nijmegen. After graduating he worked for about twenty-five years as a teacher of chemistry and physics at several different junior and senior highschools.
Apart from this, he worked for several years as a teacher trainer and methodologist of chemistry at HAN University of Applied Sciences. He also worked part-time for ten years at the faculty of Science, Mathematics and Informatics of Radboud University Nijmegen as public relations officer and as policy officer. Since August 2007, Emiel has been working at the National Institute for Curriculum Development SLO in Enschede as project manager for chemistry in secondary education. He is jointly responsible for the curriculum for senior secondary general education en pre-university education.
From the year 2000 he has been involved in the National en International Chemistry Olympiad. In this role as vice-chairman, he is co-responsible for the selection, travel arrangements and guidance of the national team.
He was one of the initiators as well as chairman of the EUSO (European Union Science Olympiad) and IJSO (International Junior Science Olympiad) in the Netherlands. Since 2007, Emiel has been the national coordinator of all the science Olympiads in the Netherlands.
Emiel was also involved in the organization of the ICYS in 2000 and 2004 in the Netherlands and participated in Poland (Katowice) in 2001.
He is looking forward to meet many old and new friends in Nijmegen and wishes all students and mentors a sportive, challenging and successful ICYS 2012.

Hay Geurts

My name is Hay Geurts I work at the Faculty of Science of the Radboud University and one of the things I do here is organizing an extracurricular program for excellent and ambitious students of our faculty. And therefore I am really curious to see what kind of extra projects you have done beside your normal high school program. I wish you all a pleasant stay here and I hope you get inspired in such an international environment with young students from all over the world.

Kees Blom

I am Professor Cornelis W.P.M. Blom, Kees for friends, studied biology and I have a doctor’s degree in ecology. My passion is education and teaching of university students and of pupils from secondary school. Those pupils are the next generation of higher education. Teaching at universities is on the edge of new insights in science. We learn our young people about the relationships between research and societal development. My research is on the adaptation of ecosystems to flooding. Flooding is a worldwide problem and we are trying to understand how natural organisms are able to survive under these circumstances. Many student join into this research. They learn and experience how to cope with this global environmental disaster and to solve this in future.
In 1985, I was appointed as a professor in experimental ecology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen and from 1999 to 2007 as the Rector Magnificus of this University and member of the board of the University.
During my professional life I strongly stimulated the relationship between various educational levels in order to facilitate a smooth transition of young people from secondary schools to universities.
ICYS Nijmegen provides you a great opportunity to meet university researchers. The Radboud University Nijmegen is an excellent international research university with high level teachers and excellent researchers. Look around at our campus approaching students and academic people; ask as many questions as possible. Learn about the various lines of research and be keen on the scientific experiments you will meet during the great sessions of this conference.
Enjoy your stay in the Netherlands. Be sure: you are very welcome, not only at our university campus but also all over our country.