International Conference of Young Scientists 2012

Team leaders

Kwang il Kang

I am a biology teacher of Korea Science Academy in Busan, Korea. My laboratory are interested in cell death mechanism of yeast and cancer cell.


Jin Woo Sung

Presentation: Pattern of Connectedness in Social Networks, a Boon or a Curse?

I am a student of Korea Science Academy. I have great interest in science, especially physics. In free time, I enjoy watching funny videos. My nickname in my school is “good friend”. I hope to become a good friend with you in ICYS!

Yumi Won

Presentation: Characterization of vacuum-mediated Agrobacterium infiltration for virus-induced silencing of Arabidopsis genes

My name is Won, Yu MI. I am 17 years old.
I'm a student of Korea Science Academy.
I am interested in Biology and Neuroscience.
I am looking forward to sharing my ideas and making new friends!

SeungWon Ha

Presentation: Photovoltaic efficiency of newly designed a dye-sensitized solar cell assembled with graphene/TiO2 electrode

My name is SeungWon Ha.
I am interested in material science.
Also, I really like literature and history.
I am really happy to participate in ICYS.

Youngmu Shin

Presentation: Mathematical approach of RNase P RNA applying knot theory and phylogenetic analysis

Hello, everyone!
I am from Korea Science Academy, one of the best schools in South Korea.
I love singing songs and experiencing different cultures. I'm soooo looking forward to talking with you guys and having fun together ^-^
Academically, I'm interested in a variety of subjects including math, physics, chemistry, and biology. I also love doing research on them, especially fusion of more than 2 separated themes. I'm planning to introduce my math-biology fusion research in ICYS 2012. Hope I can have a lot of creative discussion with world-top students and enlarge our academic insights.