International Conference of Young Scientists 2012


Prof. Dr. S.J. de Jong (chairman)

The structure of vacuum is my main interest. I am working as experimental physicist on a large proton-antiproton collider experiments D0 at Fermilab in Chicago and at the cosmic ray Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina.
Besides that I have a keen interest in teaching, also to high school students, and I am the director of the Radboud Pre-University College of Science.

Dr. A.C. König

Ir. Felix Metselaar

I have worked for 40 years as a teacher in Physics and Chemistry at Secundary schools in the Netherlands.
As coworker in physics for EXO-steunpunt (support for students) at Radboud University I have selected and judged a lot of research in physics done by students.
I was a studentcoach at the ICYS in Nijmegen (2004), Stuttgart (2006) and Psczsyna (2009).
At this moment I’m still working as a teacher in physics at the Open University of the Netherlands. With this ICYS I would like to meet old friends and make new.

Gerard Boeijen

It's an honor to be a member of the jury of the physics contest. Years ago the ICYS was organized in Nijmegen by Radboud University in corporation with the University of Groningen. I was a member of the organization then. I am glad to see at the website that the conference spread its wings all over the world. I look forward to renew the acquaintance and to cooperate with my fellow jury members of the different disciplines.

Janto Sulungbudi

Janto has been teaching physics at the Department of Physics at Parahyangan Catholic University for almost 20 years. In his efforts to encourage students to understand the principles of physics and enjoy the process of learning physics, he always uses down-to-earth demonstrations and practical real-life examples.
From 2000 to 2004, as content provider for the national televised science quiz called "Galileo", he proved beyond doubt that science can also be fun and entertaining. Galileo grew to become the most popular TV programme in Indonesia throughout its period of airing.
Janto currently continues to provide content for several televised science programmes, spreading "Science is Fun" nationwide, and sometimes travels across Indonesia to conduct seminars and workshops on Fun with Physics.
With all his activities, plus being jury in various science-based competitions, he feels confident in reaching his dream: to transform Physics from being one of the most feared subjects to become one of the most exciting subjects for students in Indonesia.

Hans Jordens

When the ICYS started in 1994 in Visegrád, Hungary, I was present as an observer for The Netherlands. Soon afterwards we were able to participate with a team. For many years I was a leader of the Dutch team. In the beginning the team was selected under the aegis of the University of Groningen. Later on my colleagues from the Radboud University of Nijmegen joined in as a result of which already two conferences were organized in Nijmegen. In 2000 I was appointed as vice-president of the ICYS.
For several reasons I could not participate anymore in the ICYS. Therefore I am looking forward to be active again in the community of the ICYS; to meet old friends and to participate in the evaluation of the presentations in physics.

Sergey Sergeev

I work in Physics faculty of Moscow State University (MSU), acoustics dept. My science interests are: ocean acoustic tomography, left-handed media, medical physics. I also teach physics in school of MSU where we pick up gifted boys and girls from west part of Russia.
When I have free time I prefer to travel in forests (on weekends) or in wild parts of Russia (mountains, canoe).

Prof. dr. Maciej Kolwas

Maciej Kolwas Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor of physics, Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland.
Scientific interest: laser spectroscopy. laser optics, quantum optics, physics of light and scattering of light
- photography
- learned societies (president of Polish Physical Society 2001-2005 and president and v-
president of the European Physical Society 2008-2011).
- Student’s competitions jury member – ICYS , IYPT, Science on stage, First step to Nobel Prize

Paul Pshenichka

Paul Pshenichka FinstP
MS, Physicist
Physics and astronomy teacher
Youth Scientific Society "QUASAR", President

Dr. Judit Illy