International Conference of Young Scientists 2012

Life Science

Prof. Dr. C. Mariani (chairwoman)

I studied Molecular Biology and Genetics in Naples (Italy) and I graduated with honors in 1979 on a thesis on the Structure of Ribosomal genes in D.melanogaster. I left Italy immediately after graduation and since then I worked in different laboratories in England, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, California, first to continue my work on Drosophila and later to start a new research on Molecular Plant Science.
I became Professor of Botany at the University of Nijmegen in 1993 and I am currently interested in the molecular/genetic mechanisms that make plants adapt to so many different environmental conditions. I teach Plant Development and Evolution to first year Biology students and later Plant Biotechnology for advanced Bachelor students. I had the privilege to be elected member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) and member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).

Dr. M.J. Vogelezang

Physical chemistry is my background, but soon after my graduation I became a chemistry teacher in secondary education. There I did my research on the learning of chemical formulae which lead to my thesis. Later I joined the Radboud University as a chemistry teacher educator, with special interest in the role of language in the learning processes of both students and teachers.

I am still very interested in the development in science, not only in chemistry but also in the other branches. As there are so many interesting discoveries made in the last decades, I hope the youth will be encouraged by their teachers and competitions like the ICYS to study science after the secondary school. So they can be a part of the important contribution of science to community.

Hans Morelis

Thanks to my position of scientist working in the National Curriculum Institute of the Netherlands I had the opportunity to support in my country and abroad the improvement of science education during more than 30 years. It was my luck to be involved in a variety of projects, all always dealing with better learning, supporting teachers and stimulating students. It really was great to contribute in this way to the development of promising youngsters.

Being one of the founding fathers of the International Biology Olympiad I learned how relevant and valuable educational competitions are. It is nice to challenge students and offer them the possibility to exhibit their skills. ICYS is such a competition and it is an honor to be one of the Jury members. Of course I will do my very best to judge all presentations honestly: *may the best ones win*. I wish all students that this ICYS will be an unforgettable experience. And this surely will succeed if everybody goes for the 3 P's: *P*leasure, *P*assion and *P*erformance.

Agnes Legierse

Agnes Legierse is an employee of the National Institute of Curriculum Development Enschede till 1-3-2012. She is a member of the EUSO and IJSO committee, and is involved with the national and international competitions.
She is participating in the renewing of the biology curriculum for the upper secondary education.
From 1991 till 1998 she produced art and science programs for the Studium Generale of the Radboud University Nijmegen. At the same university she trained science teachers to teach the subject Science for Public Understanding.
From 1973 till 1991 she teached the subject biology at a secondary school.
Agnes Legierse ’s got her master’s degree in science at the Radboud University of Nijmegen.

Hienke Sminia

I graduated in Biology at Radboud University in 2002. Currently, I work on the educational outreach programme bioinformatics@school of the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre. Together with scientists of Radboud Medical Centre, university students and teachers from high schools all around the Netherlands, I teach many high school students about modern genomics research.

Kees Tijdink

I studied chemistry at the University of Utrecht. After graduation in 1974 I worked as teacher in chemistry at secondary schools. Today I’m working at Pallas Athene College (Ede). I have participated in the past in different projects around curriculum development in the area of chemistry. Today I’m active in a project around “New Chemistry”. In 2002 I visit the ICYS in Kutaisi (Georgia) as student coach for the Dutch team. For me it is a honor to be invited as a jury member of the ICYS in Nijmegen.