International Conference of Young Scientists 2012


Prof. Dr. J.M. van Groenendael (chairman)

Prof.dr.Jan van Groenendael is a graduate in ecology from the University of Wales as well as from the Radboud University Nijmegen. He obtained his doctorate from the latter university in 1985, investigating the ecological forces that drive life history evolution in plants. In his professional career he worked at the Royal Academy of Science Institute for Ecological Research and at Wageningen University, to return to the Radboud University Nijmegen in 1995 to hold the chair of Aquatic Ecology and Environmental Biology. In 2007 he was appointed as the National Authority on Data concerning Nature, a position he still holds. Since 2010 he holds a personal chair of Conservation of Biodiversity after stepping down as head of department. What fascinates him is the seemingly endless variety of forms in living nature, what they are for and what forces drive this variation. Sharing this fascination with students while teaching and during fieldwork is very rewarding. He looks forward to meeting enthusiastic and dedicated young scientists from a variety of countries and scientific backgrounds during the ICYS meeting. They represent the best there is to shape the future for a better world.

Jan Derksen

Born in 1945 in Terborg, the Netherlands
Studied Biology in Nijmegen, Masters (1970) with major in Cell Biology, minors in Cytochemistry and Ecology.
Studied cytogenetics at the University of Helsinki (Finland) in 1971 with Marja and Veikko Sorsa.
Thesis: Structural and Functional Entities of Drosophila hydei polytene chromosomes (1975); thesis advisor: Hans D. Berendes.
Post docs at the University of Freiburg in Freiburg (Germany) with Werner W. Franke (1975) and the Karolinska Nobel Institute in Stockholm (Sweden) with Bertil Daneholt (1976).
In 1976 assistent and later associate professor at the Department of Plant science and Electron microscopy. Studied plant reproduction and pollen dispersal.

From the ICTS meeting I expect in particular a open minded and free exchange of idees and a critical appreciation of mutual results. Friendship, fairness and mutual understanding of one anothers backgrounds are a condition for the international collaboration that is so typical for the development of new scientific ideas and results that we desperately need at present

Johan Meeus

As Landscape Architect I am designing living environments, based on the results of ecology, hydrology and history. I have participated in an interdisciplinary project to make new land at the bottom of the North Sea, in order to give the harbour of Rotterdam, one of Europe’s biggest ports, room to manoeuvre. Design of environments not only needs innovative research but also creative presentation.

H.H. Wolter

I studied Biology at the Radboud University Nijmegen and specialized in (coral reef) ecology. After graduation (2002) I participated in research projects at the department of environmental science (RU) and the NIOO. In 2006 I chose to contribute to biology education on high schools and started to develop teaching materials. Currently, I'm working at Utrecht University as an educational designer in a project aimed at middle and high schools.
My part-time job is co-worker and illustrator with the Crossbill Guides Foundation. This organization develops ecological guidebooks to European natural areas.

Renske de Jonge

Žaklin Lukša

Valentin Lobyshev

Valentin Lobyshev, distinguished professor of Moscow State University was graduated at Physics Department in 1966, PhD in 1974, Dr of Science in 1988. Now I work in Biophysics group of Physics Department, MSU and in Advanced Education and Science Center, MSU as a head of Physics School.
My main interest in science is complex properties of water including the role of it's isotopic content, influence of weak electromagnetic fields on model systems and alive organisms.
Ecology is the most complex interdisciplinary field in science, where students should be skillful in all natural sciences and applied mathematics. I wish all of them great success in this difficult, interesting and useful field.