International Conference of Young Scientists 2012

Team leaders

Zsuzsanna Zsófia Dr. Rajkovits

I am one of the founders of the ICYS competition. I have been participating permanently since 1994 on the conferences. I organized ICYS three times (1994, 1996, and 1998) in Hungary, in Visegrád.
I have been being the president of ICYS since 2002. I am physicist, associate professor of Eötvös University, Budapest. I have been dealing with the education of the future’s physics teachers.
The „First 15 years of ICYS” booklet was edited by me, where I summarized the history of ICYS in this period.
It is great pleasure for me that the popularity of the conference permanently increases all over the world the ICYS year by year become larger and larger.

Illy Dr. Judit

I am working at The Eötvös University Budapest, Hungary. My special fields are the material science and the metodology of teaching physics. I am teaching basic physics in the Biology BSc curse, and laboratory practices in the Physics BSc and MSc courses.
I am involving in the ICYS since several years as a team leader and jury member. A like this conference very much!

Csaba Kirchkeszner

My name is Csaba Kirchkeszner. I am studying at the Eötvös Loránd University. I would like to be an analytical and an environmental chemist. I have done scientific research in the environmental analytic for seven years. Now I am researching the possible application of the GC-MS and the HPLC-MS in the environmental and pharmaceutical researches. I have participated as a student twice at the International Conference of Young Scientists (ICYS). In my opinion the ICYS is an excellent opportunity for the students who would like to present the experiences and results of their research projects for the international jury. I think the help and the attendance of talent students or young scientists is very important nowadays since they are the excellent researchers and scientists of the future.


András Mihálykó

Presentation: Intelligent reconnaissance robot for replacing dangerous human tasks

"I'm 19, and I'm interested in IT, especially in robotics. I like maths and history as well. I like playing football and waterpolo, and also the piano.

Botond Szűcs

Presentation: How could the invisible be seen?

I’m 17 years old. I am an 11th grade student at a Secondary Grammar School, Dunaújváros in Hungary. I like nature, that’s why I’m interested in physics. My hobby is canoeing and cycling. I like the crime stories and historical films.

Tamás Álmos Vámi

Presentation: New Material for Information Technology, or the Study of the Bismuth Ferrite

I am a 18 years old, and I am 12th grade student at Secondary Grammar School, Bonyhád in Hungary. I am intrested in Chemistry and Physics, and I also like get acquinted with people, other cultures and places. My topic is about a new material which could change the basic material of the winchesters. With this material we could store more data, for longer period, so I have been studying this material, the name of which is bismuth ferrite. I am looking forward to meet you at the ICYS 2012 in Nijmegen!

Éva Bernadett Bényei


My name is Éva Bernadett Bényei. I live and study in Debrecen, Hungary. I am a cheerful, outgoing and very optimistic girl. Every field of science - especially biology, biochemistry and chemistry - interests me. In my free time, I like watching films, paying the piano, listening to music or reading. My hobby is playing volleyball.

Gábor Galgóczi

Presentation: Inferring the physical parameters of extrasolar planets

"I'm in my last form at the ELTE Apáczai Csere János Gyakorlógimnázium in Budapest. My hobbies are archery and travelling. I'm also an amateur astronomer. I love getting new friends, specially with different cultures."