International Conference of Young Scientists 2012

Team leaders

Bernhard Horlacher

I am chemistry teacher

Gerhard Dr. Jung

I am mathematician


Christoph Vierke

Presentation: The Ionic Roundabout

I come from Germany and I am very interested in Physics and Mathematics.

Marcel Neidinger

Presentation: Bullroarer - the native Australian Telephone

I'm from Germany and I'm interested in Physics and Informatics

Gerrit Anders

Presentation: Synthesis of Graphene

Timo Schmetzer

Presentation: Information Technology in a Controlled System

Arthur Herb

Presentation: Ideas to the Collatz-problem

My name is Arthur Herb and I'm 16 years old. I come from Germany and I'm very interested in mathematics.

Maxim Schmidt

Presentation: MODULA: A new approach to database modeling in web applications