International Conference of Young Scientists 2012

Team leaders

Martina Teislerová

Friendly and optimistic English teacher, keen on photography, arts, music and travelling.


Lenka Bartošová

Presentation: Ecologic vs. Conventional agriculture – content of hazardous substances

I like studying languages.

Pavel Musílek

Presentation: The History of Substitotions Ciphers

Jan Zelený

Presentation: Experiments for the Chemistry lessons

I like studying English and Chemistry

Markéta Matyášová

Presentation: Thermal Insulation in Buildings

I’m 15 and I like playing floorball, dancing and drawing.

Ester Kuželová

Presentation: The Dead Sea

I am a student. I play the flute. I like studying English, Spanish and making friendship bracelets.

Lucie Kropačková

Presentation: Treatment and prevention of children’s flat foot

I’m 18 years old girl from the Czech Republic. I am interested in meeting new people, travelling, good music, books, animals. I’m speaking English, Spanish and a little bit Russian.

Barbora Vítková

Presentation: The effect of spectral composition of light on plants

My name is Barbora Vítková and I study at the First Private Language Grammar School in Hradec Králové. I devote most of my free time to playing piano, drums or guitare although I also like studying languages such as Icelandic, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, Latin and English. My favourite subjects are Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.