International Conference of Young Scientists 2012

Team leaders

Žaklin Lukša

I work in High school in Čakovec as biology teacher and I have a pHD biology. I am the leader of the Croatian team since 2006. I have been a ICYS jury member since 2006.


Domagoj Šegregur

Presentation: Fishes as bioindicators of water pollution of river Drava

I attend to both VII. Grammar School, and music school. Playing the piano between studying and going to school relaxes me. In addition to music, I have always been interested in science and science projects. I’ve participated in many science competitions and gotten 6 of my research papers published through them as well. Passion for science is something that I have experienced since childhood.

Dino Dučić

Presentation: Orchids of the area of Šibenik (Croatia)

Antonio Tudić

Presentation: Orchids of the area of Šibenik (Croatia)

Luka Mesarić

Presentation: European beaver

My name is Luka, I am sixteen years old. I live in Prelog with my family. I go to high school Prelog in the 2.G2. My hobbies are playing music insrtuments and soprtas activity when i can.

Ivan Hrabar

Presentation: Hertz’s New Cloth

I am Ivan and I am a student at Fifth gymnasium of Zagreb. I like to participate in all kinds of research and engineering projects. In spear time I swim and enjoy watching good movies. I am looking forward to ICYS in the Netherlands!

Filip Šklebar

Presentation: Voltage influence on the incandescent light bulb efficiency

My name is Filip Šklebar. I am 18 years old. I live in Bjelovar, Croatia. I am interested in electronics, physics and physical chemistry. Apart from scientific work, I like photography and rock music. This year I will finish high school and I plan to study electrical engineering at the University.