International Conference of Young Scientists 2012

Team leaders

Du Wei

It's the first time for our school to attend this event. Hope we can meet more people who love science and enjoy international communication as we do.

Yan Cui

Received Ph.D. degree from Beihang University and my major is Metal Materials. Now, I am a junior physics teacher.I think my colleagues and I can breifly introduce what we have done and plan to do for ICYS in China during the meeting.


Chen Rui

Presentation: Intelligent robot system based on network and local interactive control for application of patrol and cleaning in community

Xiaoyu Guo

Presentation: An Environmental Underwater Camera with Movement Controller

I like to travel to another country and I once visited England, France and Japan before.

Kexin Mu

Presentation: A new type small air cleaner

I'm a girl who love science very much.I want to be a psychologist when I grow up.

Yufei Huang

Presentation: Analysis Report of Questionnaire on How much the secondary and university students know the earthquake self-help knowledge